Airbnb will prioritize in interest groups

The company Airbnb announced through its chief executive officer Bryan Chesky that it seeks to consolidate itself as one of the companies with the greatest structure, organization and, above all, a clear monitoring of its priorities and measures of success.

Regarding its stakeholders or stakeholders, the company confirmed that it has a focus not only on the hosts who rent their spaces or on the visitors who reserve them through the application, but also in the communities where it operates, its employees and its shareholders, since, according to the company, all are interconnected.

The hosts provide unique experiences to the communities that they offer to visitors, and it is thanks to the shareholders and employees that this happens and they are what make this community continue to grow.

The platform also announced that, it will establish metrics for each of them: for its guests, Airbnb will continue to prioritize security, and confirmed that 99.94% of the trips had no reported incident and that 99.97% of the trips had no warranty claim of Host greater than $ 500 dollars. Also, he informed that the percentage of stays in which both hosts and guests have a verified identity is 70% worldwide as of January 2019, and expects to reach a percentage of 100% verified spaces by December 15, 2020

For its hosts or partners, the company will be focused on economic progress and announced that, in the fourth quarter of 2019, 53% of guests worldwide earned more by sharing their space than in the same period last year. Other important metrics for Airbnb when talking about hosts will be their age, satisfaction with customer service and company policies, as well as the number of new guests.

In the communities in which the company operates, it will seek to promote the democratization and diversification of tourism. It has also established a new standard for measuring the carbon footprint of its corporate operations and the carbon footprint of the trips that the platform facilitates. This measurement will influence your efforts to reduce your environmental impact and set a new standard for sustainable travel.

As for business, with shareholders Airbnb will seek to build a company of great value and make long-term strategic decisions. In this regard, financial metrics, as well as key business performance metrics, such as nights and reserved spaces, will be of paramount importance to the company.

To conclude, with employees, Airbnb is committed to continuing to defend diversity. Airbnb is committed to being transparent and making the company more diverse, to facilitate growth and professional development opportunities, but also to know if employees live the core values ​​of it

In the field of its corporate governance, Airbnb announced three actions: First, it will establish a Committee for stakeholders on its Board of Directors that will be chaired by Belinda Johnson, who will transition from her current role as Chief Operating Officer to become a member of the Board Directive. This committee will be responsible for providing recommendations on the impact of the company on its stakeholders, as well as on the application of the principles and metrics to shape the future of the platform.

Second, the creation of an internal group dedicated to the company working for all stakeholders or stakeholders, and which will be led by Joe “Joebot” Zadeh, who was one of the first 10 Airbnb employees. Third, the integration of principles and metrics for the definition of employee objectives and their compensation.

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