Tentative agreement at Swissport after one month strike

An agreement in principle was finally reached regarding the renewal of the collective agreement at Swissport at the Montréal-Trudeau and Mirabel airports, after the strike had lasted a month.

A spokesperson for Swissport and the union, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, affiliated with the FTQ, confirmed the information on Wednesday morning.

The agreement was reached early in the morning on Wednesday. The employer and union parties were rightly gathered for a mediation session on Tuesday.

Second agreement in principle

This is a second agreement in principle, since the first, which took place on December 21, had been 90% rejected by the members at a general meeting. After this rejection, the hundred union members had launched a strike on December 31.

The union did not want to give details on the content of the agreement in principle, preferring to keep it the first for its members, as is usually the case in such circumstances.

Union members are to meet in a meeting on Thursday to study the content and decide. If the agreement in principle is ratified by the workers, the return to work would be made no later than February 4, it was said by a union source.

Swissport Fueling Services is a company that supplies aircraft, as a subcontractor, at Montréal-Trudeau and Mirabel airports.

On Tuesday, the Bloc Québécois and the New Democratic Party intervened alongside the union to ask the Minister of Labor, Filomena Tassi, to modify the Canada Labor Code to regulate the use of replacement workers. The NDP even announced that it would again introduce a bill to this effect.

The two political parties had also asked the Trudeau government to better regulate ” contract flipping “. It is a practice which consists of changing subcontractors, which means that workers then lose their jobs, to be rehired by another subcontractor, to do the same work, with the same equipment, but with lower wages and poorer working conditions.

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